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There are no Active Events at this time. When the PoolAdmin readies new Events they will appear here.

Be sure to keep your email address updated in your Analyst Profile—especially during the offseason—so we can alert you to new events.

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chipper's Analyst Profile Analyst Since
I like to wear womens clothes
Points Events
3,572 23
Events Years
319 14-yr Veteran
Won Lost Win %
2,385.5 2,347.5 .5040
.4909 .6938 .0721
I like to wear womens clothes
Hometown: CHARLOTTE, NC usa; Favorite NFL: Carolina Panthers; Fav MLB: Baltimore Orioles ; Fav NHL: Florida Panthers; Fav NBA: New Orleans Hornets; Fav College Football: Maryland; Fav College Basketball: NC Wilmington;
I like to wear womens clothes

EER - Event Efficiency Ratio

Expresses the ratio of events won to events entered. Values greater than 0 indicate the Analyst has won at least one event. A value of .1176, for example, indicates that the Analyst won 11.76% of the events entered.

Events Won

Number of event wins (not game wins, not points won). Ties count as a win.


Number of games lost. Ties (pushes) count as a half of a win and half of a loss.

Parent Event

A pool event that consists of multiple child events or rounds.

Points Earned (Winnings)

Points won by an Analyst

Points Earned Percentile Rank

The percentile rank (1-100) of the Analyst's earnings. 1 is best; 100 the worst.

PER - Point Efficiency Ratio

Expresses the ratio of points earned to entry fees. Values greater than 1 indicate positive winnings. A value of .7346, for example, indicates the Analyst recovered 73.46% of expended entry fees.

PPR - Pool Performance Rating

A measure that attempts to compare Analysts on an apples-to-apples basis. The current formula (remember its experimental) assigns a 50% weighting to PER (Point Efficiency Ratio), 25% weighting to EER (Event Efficiency Ratio) and 25% weighting to game winning percentage.


The annual real life event upon which the pool event is based. For example the 2010 NFL season.


Number of games won. Ties (pushes) count as a half of a win and half of a loss.

Season/EventPoints EarnedEvents WonWin %WonLostEventsPPRPEREER
NFL 2012952.4911304.0315.043.1956.1223.0465
-Charter League NFL 201200.497599.0100.014.1244.0000.0000
-High Rollers NFL 201200.485198.0104.014.1213.0000.0000
-Not Scared NFL 2012952.485198.0104.014.2933.2726.1429
-Seagate NFL Challenge 201200.56259.07.01.1406.0000.0000
NFL 201112598.5368438.0378.054.77081.1992.1481
-Charter League NFL 20112841.5313136.0120.017.98141.6676.0588
-Clarity Pro Football Challenge 201100.625010.06.01.1563.0000.0000
-High Rollers NFL 20114653.5313136.0120.017.86011.3663.1765
-Not Scared NFL 20115114.5313136.0120.017.69281.0022.2353
-Seagate NFL Challenge 201100.625010.06.01.1563.0000.0000
-The Federal Challenge 201100.625010.06.01.1563.0000.0000
NFL 20104823.5639353.0273.042.4524.5872.0714
-Charter League NFL 2010901.5605143.5112.517.4195.5294.0588
-High Rollers NFL 201000.585685.560.510.1464.0000.0000
-Not Scared NFL 20103922.5536124.0100.015.6067.8700.1333
NFL 20093423.5020249.0247.033.4971.6978.0909
-Charter League NFL 2009501.5098130.5125.517.2877.2912.0588
-High Rollers 20092922.4938118.5121.516.6116.9138.1250
NFL 200800.487779.083.011.1219.0000.0000
-Charter League NFL 200800.494343.544.56.1236.0000.0000
-High Rollers 200800.479735.538.55.1199.0000.0000
NFL 2007-200800.4816261.5281.537.1204.0000.0000
-Charter League NFL 2007-0800.472477.086.011.1181.0000.0000
-Hampton Roads Challenge 200700.477321.023.03.1193.0000.0000
-High Rollers 2007-0800.496979.580.511.1242.0000.0000
-James River NFL Challenge 200700.477321.023.03.1193.0000.0000
-Outer Banks NFL Challenge 200700.477321.023.03.1193.0000.0000
-Seagate NFL Challenge 200700.477321.023.03.1193.0000.0000
-The Federal Challenge 200700.477321.023.03.1193.0000.0000
NFL 2006-20075592.4520278.0337.041.6153.9801.0488
-Charter League NFL 2006-071651.4604110.5129.516.64751.0336.0625
-High Rollers NFL 2006-073931.4563109.5130.516.74421.2291.0625
-Seagate NFL Challenge 200600.429658.077.09.1074.0000.0000
NFL 2005-20064673.5099206.0198.027.77031.2300.1111
-Charter League NFL 2005-0600.5042120.5118.516.1261.0000.0000
-High Rollers NFL 2005-064673.518285.579.5111.26002.1245.2727
NFL 2004-20051421.4946182.0186.024.3627.4573.0417
-Charter League NFL 2004-051421.5039129.0127.017.5576.8338.0588
-High Rollers NFL 2004-0500.473253.059.07.1183.0000.0000
XXI2012Not Scared NFL 2012 (Week 5)Event Win Tie63
XXI2012Not Scared NFL 2012 (Week 2)Event Win Tie32
XX2011Not Scared NFL 2011 (Week 6)Event Win152
XX2011Not Scared NFL 2011 (Week 5)Event Win Tie76
XX2011Not Scared NFL 2011 (Week 2)Event Win Tie87
XX2011Not Scared NFL 2011 (Week 1)Event Win196
XX2011Not Scared NFL 2011Event Place227
XX2011High Rollers NFL 2011 (Week 5)Event Win Tie86
XX2011High Rollers NFL 2011 (Week 2)Event Win Tie54
XX2011High Rollers NFL 2011 (Week 1)Event Win325
XX2011Charter League NFL 2011 (Week 1)Event Win284
XIX2010Not Scared NFL 2010 (Week 14)Event Win174
XIX2010Not Scared NFL 2010 (Week 5)Event Win218
XIX2010Charter League NFL 2010 (Week 2)Event Win Tie90
XVIII2009High Rollers 2009 (Week 9)Event Win Tie214
XVIII2009High Rollers 2009 (Week 3)Event Win Tie79
XVIII2009Charter League NFL 2009 (Week 1)Event Win Tie50
XV2006High Rollers NFL 2006-07 (Week 11)Event Win393
XV2006Charter League NFL 2006-07 (Week 11)Event Win Tie165
XIV2005High Rollers NFL 2005-06 (Week 17)Event Win Tie74
XIV2005High Rollers NFL 2005-06 (Week 16)Event Win274
XIV2005High Rollers NFL 2005-06 (Week 8)Event Win Tie120
XIII2004Charter League NFL 2004-05 (Week 9)Event Win Tie142

The Analyst Profile page displays personal and performance information about a specific Analyst. Each Analyst may change his or her profile information at any time. However, the performance information comes directly from the Analyst's actual results in pool Events.

Profiles also contain configuration options such as email and text messaging, automatic-entry, and reminder settings. To edit your Profile go to the My Account page and click on Edit Profile under Account Tools. To compare Analysts use the View All Analysts page.


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