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BadBUNGLE Best Charter! Prevents Commodore Sweep!
There are no Active Events at this time. When the PoolAdmin readies new Events they will appear here.

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Modern Era Historical Events

 Current Events | ByGone-Era History

Celebrating our 20th Season at, as we now know it, actually began in September of 1992. At the time we had no idea that it would be operating years later. We now consider the years prior to Season IX (2000) as the ByGone Era. We have very little hard data and an even worse memory of the earlier ByGone years. To the best of our ability, we recall those years here.

Borrowing the term Major League Baseball uses to designate the period in which player statistics are comparable, we define our Modern Era as the period for which we have detailed and accurate data that captures every analyst pick and every game since the 2000 season.

Modern Era Historical Events
Event NameStart DateRoundsEntry FeeTotal PurseCumulative Purse
Week 2 High Rollers Thurs Night Proposition Pool9/13/12120190.00
Week 2 Thursday Night Proposition Pool9/13/12110180.00
Week 2 Poor Man's Thursday Night Proposition Pool9/13/1210-20.00
2012 High Rollers Kickoff Proposition Pool9/5/121201140.00
2012 Kickoff Proposition Pool9/5/121101080.00
2012 Poor Man's Kickoff Proposition Pool9/5/1210-80.00
Aaron Parks 2012 March Madness Knockout Pool3/15/1261922,61722,617.16
Charter 2012 March Madness Knockout Pool3/15/12610253253.00
Poor Man's 2012 March Madness Knockout Pool3/15/1260-94-94.00
Not Scared Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/111302610.00
High Rollers Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/111202470.00
Charter College Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/111101980.00
Capital One Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/111101080.00
Clarity Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/11110630.00
Poor Man's Bowl Pool 2011-1212/26/1110-120.00
High Rollers NFL 20119/8/1117205,928592.80
Charter League NFL 20119/8/1117105,4091,352.25
Not Scared NFL 20119/8/1117303,625906.25
Seagate NFL Challenge 20119/8/1117102,223555.75
Clarity Pro Football Challenge 20119/8/1117101,368342.00
The Federal Challenge 20119/8/111710945236.25
Poor Man's Pool NFL 20119/8/11170-3250.00
High Rollers Sweet 16 20113/24/111203838.00
Charter League Sweet 16 20113/24/111101818.00
Poor Man's Sweet 16 20113/24/1110-30.00
Aaron Parks 2011 March Madness Knockout Pool3/17/1161922,18722,187.20
Not Scared NFL 2011 Playoff Pool1/8/114301,0731,073.00
High Rollers NFL 2011 Playoff Pool1/8/11420779779.00
Charter NFL 2011 Playoff Pool1/8/11410603603.00
Poor Man's NFL 2011 Playoff Pool1/8/1140-37-37.00
High Rollers Bowl Pool 2010-1112/24/101202280.00
Charter Bowl Pool 2010-1112/24/101101890.00
Not Scared Bowl Pool 2010-1112/24/101301740.00
Poor Man's Bowl Pool 2010-1112/24/1010-80.00
High Rollers Week 14 MNF Proposition Pool12/13/10120570.00
Charter Week 14 MNF Proposition Pool12/13/10110540.00
Poor Man's Week 13 MNF Proposition Pool12/13/1010-80.00
High Rollers Week 13 MNF Proposition Pool12/6/10120760.00
Charter Week 13 MNF Proposition Pool12/6/10110720.00
Poor Man's Week 13 MNF Prop Pool12/6/1010-80.00
High Rollers Week 12 MNF Proposition Pool11/29/101201140.00
Charter Week 12 MNF Proposition Pool11/29/10110900.00
Poor Man's Week 12 MNF Prop Pool11/29/1010-110.00
High Rollers NFL 20109/9/1017206,821682.10
Charter League NFL 20109/9/1017105,7601,440.00
Not Scared NFL 20109/9/1017304,7851,196.25
Seagate NFL Challenge 20109/9/1017102,142535.50
The Federal Challenge 20109/9/1017101,467366.75
Poor Man's Pool NFL 20109/9/10170-3600.00
High Rollers 2010 NFL Playoff Pool1/9/104201,0641,064.00
Not Scared NFL 2010 Playoff Pool1/9/10430812812.00
Charter NFL 2010 Playoff Pool1/9/10410594594.00
Not Scared Bowl Pool 2009-1012/26/0911003960.00
High Rollers Bowl Pool 2009-1012/26/091201900.00
College Bowl Pool 2009-1012/26/091101710.00
High Rollers 20099/10/0917207,448744.80
Charter League NFL 20099/10/0917106,3091,577.25
Seagate NFL Challenge 20099/10/0917102,889722.25
The Federal Challenge 20099/10/0917101,188297.00
Outer Banks NFL Challenge 20099/10/0917101,125281.25
James River NFL Challenge 20099/10/091710828207.00
Hampton Roads Challenge 20099/10/091710702175.50
High Rollers 2009 NFL Playoff Pool1/3/09420703703.00
Charter 2009 NFL Playoffs1/3/09410531531.00
Not Scared Bowl Pool 2008-0912/24/0811005940.00
High Rollers Bowl Pool 2008-0912/24/081202660.00
College Bowl Pool 2008-0912/24/081101980.00
Charter League NFL 20089/4/0817107,6771,919.25
High Rollers 20089/4/0817206,802680.20
Seagate NFL Challenge 20089/4/0817102,394598.50
The Federal Challenge 20089/4/0817101,647411.75
James River NFL Challenge 20089/4/0817101,602400.50
Outer Banks NFL Challenge 20089/4/0817101,314328.50
Hampton Roads Challenge 20089/4/0817101,197299.25
Not Scared Bowl Pool 2007-0812/20/0711008910.00
High Rollers Bowl Pool 2007-0812/20/071202660.00
College Bowl Pool 2007-0812/20/071101890.00
Charter League NFL 2007-089/6/0717107,9111,977.75
High Rollers 2007-089/6/0717207,258725.80
Seagate NFL Challenge 20079/6/0717103,330832.50
The Federal Challenge 20079/6/0717101,800450.00
James River NFL Challenge 20079/6/0717101,530382.50
Outer Banks NFL Challenge 20079/6/0717101,476369.00
Hampton Roads Challenge 20079/6/0717101,215303.75
Not Scared College Bowl Pool12/21/0611003960.00
High Rollers College Bowl Pool12/21/061202470.00
College Bowl Pool 2006-0712/21/061101980.00
Charter League NFL 2006-079/7/0617107,3801,845.00
High Rollers NFL 2006-079/7/0617206,916691.60
Seagate NFL Challenge 20069/7/0617103,744936.00
College Bowl Pool 2005-0612/20/051101800.00
Charter League NFL 2005-069/8/0517107,8301,957.50
High Rollers NFL 2005-069/8/0517204,351435.10
College Bowl Pool 2004-0512/21/041203230.00
Charter League NFL 2004-059/9/0417106,7231,680.75
High Rollers NFL 2004-059/9/0417204,598459.80
College Bowl Pool 2003-0412/22/031101710.00
Charter League NFL 2003-049/4/0317106,4711,617.75
Charter League NFL 2002-039/5/0217105,9311,482.75
Charter League NFL 2001-029/9/0117104,9051,226.25
2001-02 Pro Football Open9/9/011710184.50
Charter League NFL 2000-019/1/0017106,9501,737.50
Super bowl question

Sf or Balt eenymeenymineymo I pick HARBAUGH »Story

BadBUNGLE Best Charter! Prevents Commodore Sweep!

BadBUNGLE prevented Commodore from sweeping all of the 2012 cumulative purses by winning the Charter best of 13 race. »Story

Commodore nudges HotRodPanthers for High Rollers title

With only one game separating them over 17 weeks, Commodore overcame HotRodPanthers' better 17-week record to win the best-12-of-17-weeks cumulative 2012 High Rollers Title. »Story

NFL Playoff Pools are Ready!

Keeping it going...we've got a Goldilocks assortment of NFL Playoffs pools that start saturday! »Story

Victory at Seagate for Commodore

Former Champion of the World Commodore outlasts surprising rookie jtibbs02 and a late surge from Killer to win the Seagate NFL Challenge 2012 cumulative title. »Story

Commodore Brave Enough to Win Not Scared Title

Commodore edged out CarolinaBBQ and Killer to win the Not Scared cumulative purse. »Story

Commodore Bilks the Fed

Commodore Bilks the Fed! Causes US to go over fiscal cliff! »Story

Commodore Gets Clarity

Veteran analyst and former Champion of the World Commodore holds on despite late surges from Killer and Sheik in the poorly attended Clarity Pro Football Challenge 2012. »Story

Commodore Outlasts Brad in Poor Man's

Former Champion of the World Commodore road out a slim lead down the home stretch to outlast the defending Poor Man's AND Charter League Champ Brad in's only true 17-week contest. »Story

Week 16 Saturday 8:30PM Eastern Cutoff

The NFL has an early Saturday game this week! Don't forget to get your picks in before the 8:30PM Eastern timezone cutoff. »Story

Carnac Wins Again. Sweeps All Pools.

Carnac swept all 7 pools on his way to a second consecutive weekly victory. »Story

Big Week & Big Weeks Ahead

This week transitioned to a new data center. Looking ahead the High Rollers, Charter and Seagate titles certain to be nail-biters! »Story

Week 12 Thursday Turkey Day Games WILL Count

The three Thanksgiving Day games will count. The cutoff for Week 12 will be Thursday November 22 at 12:30 PM Eastern. »Story

PayPal Work-Around!

The ability to fund your account at with Paypal is still not working! »Story

Sandy Wreaks Havoc on Pool

I didn't know she could reach so far but apparently Sandy has screwed up ThePoolOnline! »Story

Sorry Team! The spreads are up!!

My bad! I worked through the Thursday game knowing it didn't count. Meanwhile... »Story

Thursday Night Games Will Not Count—All Season

It's official: The early Wednesday and Thursday night games will not count during the entire season. The only exceptions are the two Thanksgiving Day games on Thursday November 22. »Story

Week 2 Cutoff is Sunday at 1:00 EDST

The Thursday night game will not count towards the Week 2 pools. »Story

Yeti Rules Week 1

Veteran Analyst Yeti wins nearly all the Week 1 pools! Two Rookies claim share of weekly titles. »Story

Carnac & Professor Claim Prop Pool Purses

Veteran Analysts Carnac won two and tied for first with the Professor in the opening night proposition pools. »Story

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