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Sandy Wreaks Havoc on Pool

By Sheik

I didn't know she could reach so far but apparently Sandy has screwed up ThePoolOnline! Paypal is currently broken. Somehow Commodore's picks got entered twice in the same pool this week--which I thought was impossible--and, Sandy may have messed with last week's scores too!

Paypal Workaround:  If you need points, send us a contact message and we will transfer points to your account. We'll settle up later after we figured out what Sandy did to our Paypal interface.

Last Week's Scores:  We've received an Analyst report of an inconsistency. The matter is currently under investigation. Of course, we will make it right. So, don't spend any points that you didn't really win!

Commodore's Duplicate Picks: I think this might have something to do with me listening to Easy Sunday Morning this morning. Or maybe our Coast Guard veteran was tossed by the sea just as he was hitting enter on his picks? Whatever the cause, we will fix this too!

She's stirred up quite a wave too: 

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