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Week 7 EndZone

By Sheik

In order of Points won, congratulations to the Professor, SeaTurtle, STLSurferGirl, Dellionaire, and BabyBush. In Week 7 they each won outright the HighRollers, Charter, Seagate, Fed and OuterBanks, respectively. A bunch of clowns tied in the other lame pools...Sure would be nice to get some more Analysts from the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas...I also really wish our veteran Sniffin Clan Analysts would come out of hiding. Sniff, Trixi, Big Sniff, BabySniff, Mama Sniff, JuniorSniff, MinorSniff and MicroSniff. Where are you guys? Bless his heart, all we have left is Lil Sniff...If you haven't already, please check out the Events page. The page now lays out the various pools in a mini-profile format kind of like the mini analyst profiles you see throughout the site. Each Event mini-profile displays the profile image of the prior week's first place analyst. If there's a tie for first, then try refreshing the page. The mini profile randomly selects one of the winning Analysts' profile images to display...Thanks for playing

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