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PayPal Fee Policy

By Sheik

PayPal Fee Policy

As you know, has never made a profit. The chief reason being PayPal fees (and the high cost of bandwidth & software nerds). In order to cut down on transaction costs we tried to encourage Analysts to pay for the whole season in one lump sum and many of you have--bless your hearts. Unfortunately, just not enough. So, beginning with the 2007 season will no longer eat the PayPal transaction fees. This puts the PayPal transaction fee incentives squarely on the Analyst.

The PayPal Transaction Fee is equal to 2.9% of the amount plus 30 cents. On a 10 dollar transaction they make 59 cents. On 170 bucks they yield five dollars and 23 cents. Over the course of a seventeen week season PayPal charges 10.03 in fees.

We don't think we will lose a single Analyst over a measley five dollars and 39 cents. That's right. Only five dollars and thirty-nine cents! To cover the PayPal fees it will now cost you 175.39 to fund 170 points (a typical season). So like I said, the new PayPal policy is not so bad. Here's the exact formula:

  • (Event Entry Fee) EEf = Weekly Entry Fee * Number of Weeks (usually 10 * 17)
  • (PayPal Fee) PPf = EEf * .029 + .30
  • Amount to Fund = EEf + PPf + (PPf *.029)

Fortunately you don't have to worry about the details. The Fund MyAccount page calculates exactly how much you need to fund. As always we appreciate your contribution to community.

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