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Frequently Asked Questions

By Carnac

  1. Do the Spreads or lines change?
    A: No. Once the PoolAdministrator enters the Spreads and makes an event active, the Spreads remain the same for the duration of the event. Even if the lines set by professional handicappers change, the lines used by the pool remain static. To ensure a level playing field, all Analysts must enter using the same spreads. Therefore, the spreads never change....Even if Brady breaks a leg in practice...Even if the PoolAdmin enters the spreads incorrectly. Never.

  2. How do I cash in my Points? (How do I get paid?)
    A: ThePoolOnLine pays out via PayPal upon request. Use the Contact Us page to make a payout request. In your request: IF YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS AT THEPOOLONLINE.COM, then you must provide the email address you use with PayPal--along with the amount to be transferred. Requests that do not include the requisite information cannot be processed. There is no fee for this service, and, since we have a premier PayPal Business Account, PayPal does not deduct transaction fees or discounts on the amount we transfer to your account. Once we transfer funds to your PayPal account you can (among other things) have a check sent to your home address.

    IMPORTANT: Before we can pay you

    In order to comply with the US Internal Revenue Code, you must provide us with your Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) (if you're participating as a business entity, then you must provide your Employer Identification Number (EIN)). We have to collect this information in order to prepare and issue you an IRS form-1099.

  3. Where do I go to make picks or enter an event?
    A: EVENTS. Click on the Events button in the left border or click on the Events hyperlink at the top of every page. From the Events Page you can find more information about the available events including schedules and online entry forms.

  4. Can I enter multiple pools (events) at the same time?
    A: YES! Don't be scared. Enter as many pools as we offer. You can also register as more than one Analyst. For example, you can register Analyst A and enter the Charter, High Rollers, & SeaGate pools. At the same time you can register Analyst B and also enter the Charter, High Rollers, & SeaGate pools (hopefull with different picks). In this manner, you are entering two horses in three races for a total of six entries.

  5. How do I best print the PickSheet?
    A: Everything you ever wanted to know about the PickSheet is available here.

  6. Can I change my picks?
    A: No. Once entered, you cannot change your picks under any circumstances. Also note that you must make all of your picks prior to the start of the earliest game of the round. You cannot, for example, enter your pick for a Thursday night game on Thursday afternoon and then enter your picks for the Sunday games on Sunday morning.

  7. How long does it take before the funds I sent become active so I can make my picks or enter an event?
    A: It depends on how and when we receive your funds. If you send a physical check, then your account will be credited when your check clears. This could be more than five business days, but is usually less. Paypal payments vary in that some payments are confirmed immediately. Such payment types include those made with existing funds in your Paypal account or via credit card attached to your Paypal account. (NOTE however, that ThePoolOnline back-end systems have yet to be completely integrated with Paypal's systems. So, presently all transactions are still manually credited to your account as soon as possible after we receive notification). Paypal "e-checks" are similar to physical checks in that they are routed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system and may take a few days to clear. They just don't have to go through the mail.

    In general, we credit your account as soon as we receive notification of a confirmed receipt of payment. If we do receive a notification of a Pending payment, at our discretion we may or may not credit your account. Any decision to credit a pending payment will be based on past payment history, experience rating, and other subjective factors including the recommendation of more experienced Analysts. Also note that point winnings will not be credited to an account with payments pending even if such winnings offset the pending payments.

    The moral of the story here is to pay in advance. It makes everything easier for us and for you. By paying for all rounds in an event in advance, you make only one payment (via paypal or check), then need only go to the event entry FORM and enter your picks. Literally, you can enter your picks in less than 30 seconds. If you pay on a round-by-round basis, you have to go to Paypal (or write a check) every week, then we have to receive confirmed payment and credit your account every week, and you have to wait for your payment to clear every week. If you want ease-of-use, the choice is clear.

  8. The Analyst Page or my profile says I'm a Rookie. What gives? I'm not a Rookie!
    A: Old School Analysts' experience rating may not be correct. Here's why: when we built the new software, we imported the 2000-01 football season data, mostly for testing and development, but also for the record. Anyway, our import scripts didn't care how long you've played ThePool. The scripts auto-registered every Analyst who played that season. ThePoolAdmin made an attempt to go through the seasons past and update some of the Analysts' Profiles. If we missed yours or you feel it is incorrect, please let us know.

  9. Can I change my password?
    A: Yes! Go to the My Account page and click Change Password link in the left border. You must be logged-in for the MyAccount page to display.

  10. How do I contact ThePoolOnline if I have a problem or question?
    A: Use the Contact Us page or if it's urgent call Erik at 703-606-4147.

  11. Can I still call in my picks?
    A: No. You can't "call in" picks using the voice mail system any longer. If you can't get to your desktop PC to make your picks, use from your mobile device or call someone who can and have them enter your picks for you.

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