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Tips on Using the PickSheet Correctly

By Carnac

Printing and Viewing

  1. In your browser, set the text size to the "Smallest" by selecting the View menu and then Text Size. You can also use this browser feature to resize text to meet your specific needs--smaller for things like the picksheet, larger for reading. ThePoolOnline is designed to provide maximum viewing flexibility without penalizing users with large or small monitors.
    Set your browser's text size
  2. In your browser, set the "Print Background Colors and Images" option by selecting the Tools menu and then Internet Options. In the next dialog box, select the Advanced tab and scroll down and check "Print Background Colors and Images". Selecting this option ensures that the auto-highlight function works best. By the way, for the highlighting to work, you must be logged on when you print.
    Select Tools | Internet Options...

    Set the Print Background Colors option
  3. In your browser, set the Page Setup options for optimal printing. From the File menu, select Page Setup and then set the Page Orientation to Landscape. Set the Left and Right margins to the smallest possible margins that your printer will handle. Try setting it .1; IE normally adjusts this number upward if your printer doesn't support a margin that small. Set the Top and Bottom margins to .35.
    Set Page Setup Options
  4. Now, if you are using IE 5 or better, use Print Preview to make sure you got it right. If you followed the instructions correctly, the PickSheet will print about 40 Analysts on a single sheet-wide of paper. It may go to two pages in order to print the EndZone message. If all the picks fit on the first page, you don't need to print the second page.
  5. Print and Use.
General Use
  1. Do your best to make sure you get a good quality color print out. It looks better this way and you'll feel better about your picks. Show your PickSheet off as much as possible. If anyone ask, proudly say "It's my PickSheet. You should consider being a part of our 'analysis community' by registering as an Analyst at!"
  2. Mark losses, not wins. Its easier and normally you get to deal in smaller numbers and will have a less-marked-up sheet.
  3. Coffee rings are okay, but as with any of our Analysts, don't let the PickSheet soak up too much beer. It's not good for it.
  4. Carry it with you where ever you go on Sunday or Monday night.
  5. Even though you've memorized all 15 of your picks this week, repeatedly refer back to the PickSheet as many times as possible so that you don't miss any new patterns that may suddenly emerge after long and careful analysis.
  6. Cherish the way the PickSheet brings friends and family and people you don't even know together in a meaningful and qualitative way. Don't you just love it!

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