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The Rules

By Sheik

  1. The ultimate goal is to predict the outcome of an Event with greater accuracy than all other Analysts participating in an Event. The Analyst(s) with the greatest prediction percentage is awarded a cash Purse dependent upon the Event Format and number of entrants.
  2. Each Event consists of one or more Rounds. Each Round consists of one or more propositions about the future (usually a future sporting event). Each proposition or "Game" is handicapped relative to the expected outcome or "favored" team.  The handicap or "Spread" is expressed in points. For example:
    Favored Team Spread Underdog Team
    UNCW Seahawks 10 ODU Monarchs
    The favored team must always win by more than the Spread. Based on the formula of subtracting the spread amount from the favorite team's score and then comparing it to the underdog's score, each Analyst correctly predicting the outcome is credited with a "win" and those predicting incorrectly credited with a "loss". Ties--called a "Push"--result in all Analysts being credited with half of a win and half of a loss.
    Fs = Favorite Score, Us = Underdog Score, s = Spread (handicap)

    Favorite Wins if: Fs - s > Us
    Underdog Wins if: Fs - s < Us
    It's a "Push" if: Fs - s = Us
    For example:
    Score Favored Team Spread Underdog Team Score
    47 UNCW Seahawks 10 ODU Monarchs 36
    And... 47 - 10 > 36
    In this example all Analysts who picked The UNCW Seahawks would be credited with a win. The Analyst with the best record among all the propositions in the Event is awarded the Purse payable shortly after the Event is finalized.
  3. An Entry Fee is specified for each Event. ThePoolOnline distributes the sum of all Analyst's Entry Fees as follows. One point is allocated for the Aplication Service Fee (ASF). Without further reduction, the remaining portion is allocated wholly to the Event Purse and distributed shortly after the Event is finalized according to the Event Format. In the case of a multi-round or Season Event a percentage of each rounds less the Points Discount is allocated to the weekly purse. The Points Discount multiplied by the number of Event Participants goes towards the Event's Cumulative Purse.
  4. If two or more Analysts finish with identical records in any Event, the Purse will be split between them. This also applies to Cumulative Purses. Earnings will be applied to any existing negative balances first. 
  5. Some Events include a Cumulative Purse. To be eligible to win the Cumulative Purse, you must participate in at least the number of rounds specified by the Minimum Participation amount. The Analyst with the best cumulative winning percentage based on the Minimum Participation amount or more will receive all or a portion of the Cumulative Purse. In some cases, other places may also finish "in-the-points". The Charter League and SeaGate Challenge cumulative purses will pay 60%, 25% and 15% to the Analysts with the best cumulative winning percentages based on the best 13 weeks, respectively. The High Rollers cumulative purse will pay 100% to the Analyst with the best cumulative winning percentage based on the best 12 weeks. ThePool uses your best Minimum Participation amount rounds when calculating your cumulative winning percentage. Thus there is a significant advantage to play the maximum number rounds in any Event with a Cumulative Purse. If two or more Analyst finish with identical winning percentages, that place's percentage of the cumulative purse will be split between them. Winnings will be applied to any existing negative balances first.
  6. ThePoolOnline attempts to use the "Sheridan Line" as published in the USA Today online edition (or other edition if necessary to meet the Event Deadline). If the USA Today reports a game as "NL" or no line, then ThePoolOnline may consider the game "even". In the event of a discrepancy between spreads quoted or published by ThePoolOnline and those published in the USA Today, then the spreads published by ThePoolOnline will prevail. The Spread never changes.
  7. Use the online forms to enter your picks prior to the Event Deadline. The deadline may change, as declared by the Pool Administrator, to accommodate Thursday or Friday games, holidays, or other schedule issues.
  8. No revision of your analysis is permitted after submittal. Examining other Analyst's input prior to submitting your analysis is forbidden.
  9. The Pool Administrator reserves the right to accept or deny entries turned in after the deadline. All disputes will be settled according to the judgment of the Pool Administrator. All decisions are final.

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